Charles Rolls Memorial Annual Commemoration July 13th 2019

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    I am a new member of the Forum living in Southbourne Bournemouth where Charles Rolls died in a plane crash on July 12th 1910, and I found a posting on this forum enquiring about a Memorial.

    I hope the information below is posted here in a suitable place, if not I apologise in advance!

    The Charles Rolls memorial is in the Grounds of St Peters School Southbourne in Bournemouth and can be seen in the corner of the school playing fields. This is in Private Grounds so not normally accessible to the general public. Link to Google Maps here:
    Google Maps

    The Charles Rolls Heritage Trust is currently raising funds to place a large memorial Patio in The Broadway Southbourne, a few yards from the above memorial, for which Planning Permission has already been granted.
    Website link: Charles Rolls Heritage Trust

    Annual Commemoration Saturday July 13th 2019. Details here:

    Details of the proposed Memorial Patio with sculpture etc here:
    CRHT Location

    I hope some of the members find this of interest.


    Frank Bayes
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    I started my working career as a Graduate Apprentice at Rolls Royce in 1967. May I add some corrections/clarifications?.
    Rolls was not involved in the creation of the car. Royce had already done that before the meeting. What he did do was get it accepted by the rich and influential. Rolls, a hon, moved in that set - Royce, a horny handed engineer, did not. Rolls was Sales and Marketing, Royce was Development and Production. Rolls was good at promotions, certainly ahead of his time.
    The crash in which he died was recorded on film, a first. I've seen it.
    Back in the day in Derby the company was not referred to as Rolls Royce in day to day conversation but simply as Royces.

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