Charges/Protection for Hyperlinks... or not.

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  1. dbf

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    Isn't this more about creating new revenue streams via internet (and taxing global internet companies) than about protecting copyright holders who, as Idler points out, are already protected.
    And the EU seeking to take advantage of it's higher weight division, considering the failed bouts by two member states.
    I'm left wondering who exactly wanted this stream established under the banner of what is, ostensibly, a clarification of copyright policy across the Economic Union. And if the legislation as proposed will result in us having less (reliable) sources at our fingertips.
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    A while back, a number of the broadsheets started paywalls which pretty much prevented external links from working. Sounds like they're not making enough revenue from this approach and are trying to have their cake and eat it by removing the paywalls but charge us if we're daft enough to click on their links. Hopefully Google will come up with a free/paid filter.
    Presumably, we'd have to have some sort of account set up to enable payment, or is the intention to charge the ISP who would then charge us? The latter seems more their style.

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