Charges/Protection for Hyperlinks... or not.

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    This concerns me slightly.
    Hard to wade through the usual slew of alarm and contrary assertions, but there's 'something' still going on, after bubbling under for a couple of years, that should maybe be followed if you run a website:

    BREAKING: The Link Tax is Officially on its Way
    #SaveTheLink - Call to action | PRCA
    No, the EU is not going to make hyperlinks illegal
    Why Europe's New Copyright Proposals Are Bad News for the Internet
    EU copyright plans: Here’s who loves them, who loathes them—and why

    (Just some grabbed links - and all the EUs paperwork, assessments and proposals are easily found.)

    Who knows... I'm personally massively cynical of any politicos dealings with the interweb, their track record being one of not really yet understanding it, believing what some salesman says & a rather misplaced faith in automatic systems.
    (eg. Cookie warnings - lets train everyone to automatically click on popups! :huh: )
    I guess we'll see.

    And before anyone goes 'BREXIT!' and kicks off. Lets not.
    Regardless of who's in or out and what laws/regulations transfer: this is more about web principles. There are people here who will still be EU citizens and others who never were, but governments worldwide are currently looking at this stuff. The very nature of the Internet makes this stuff automatically a cross-border matter of interest.
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    Will some one please think of the poor tubes?
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  4. von Poop

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    A thing of some beauty.
    Disturbing, but also oddly delightful.
  5. geoff501

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    A few years ago, BT discovered they had a patent on hyperlinks (from the Prestel days). It was thrown out in court and I think the patent has expired now. Look out for the loony EU to patent oxygen - any day now.
  6. m kenny

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    Interesting subject. I was ready to comment until I saw 'Looney EU'.

    I am out.
  7. dbf

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    These are worth a few minutes of your time, if you're interested in such things -


  8. CL1

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    BT goes to law over hyperlink patent
  9. CL1

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  10. Drew5233

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    In English this means?
  11. Charley Fortnum

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    Well, the word has passed to us from Hebrew through ancient Greek and means a Final Battle - specifically the one that is forecast to take place at the Last Judgement according to Christian eschatology.

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    Im out of a job on here posting links
  13. Drew5233

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    I don't get it :lol:
  14. Charley Fortnum

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    In short, the European commission introduced a draft law to the European Parliament on Sept 14.

    In the event that it is approved, it will allow some content creators (particularly larger media organisations) to charge people to post links to and extracts of their content. Following a judgement from the European Court of Justice, it could also make it an infringement of copyright to link to copyrighted material elsewhere on the Internet, even if you yourself did not upload it and do not host it -- even, indeed, if you didn't know that it was an infringement of copyright.

    Insane as this sounds, it is born from the premise that distributing somebody else's content causes a loss in revenue for the original publisher; I should have thought that it did the opposite. It is unclear how we will all be trained to spot copyright infringements on sight and avoid them -- more likely people will stop linking to anything much of interest, which rather defeats the point of the Internet.
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  15. Stuart Avery

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    James, in layman terms that is spot on. One day the media organisations may wake up & smell 'something'? Idiots. What revenue have they lost? You can buy any paper has i do, or subscribe on line. Do they not want advertisement for any of the different news papers?

    Its a shame that m kenny as taken the ball home in his post 6. At times, the EU have made some 'Looney' laws. It would of been nice to read his opinion. Forget which side you bat for.
  16. CL1

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  17. dbf

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    Interesting following on from some of VP's links. Earlier attempts by both Spain and Germany at similar legislation seem to have backfired badly.
  18. Charley Fortnum

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    For zealots, prior failure is no evidence of error; it's merely an indication that those involved didn't try hard enough.
  19. CL1

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    The internet has taken off at an amazing pace and I assume from the start it was not assumed it would grow to the monster it has today.The information out there is huge true and fake (and in between)as we have seen.
    Whilst I understand the content of "links" has taken people time and effort to produce if a charge is introduced then people will either pay for it or not.
    Information of sorts will become a closed shop.
    How it will be regulated is another story.

    Perhaps all the libraries will re open and we go back to manual operations (reading books and writing).

    I still like the the tactile touch of paper,,book and pen alongside the digital age tools.
  20. idler

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    There is the self-regulation that they've cometely missed - if you don't want people linking or using your material, don't post it online. Simples.

    There are already laws to deal with people posting chunks of, say, books online. Seems like their usual trick of wanting to to shift the burden of proof from the plaintiff to the defendant - we're all guilty until we can prove ourselves innocent.

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