Chapel Bay Fort Museum Angle Pembrokeshire

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    This fort now is in the process of restoration and has a museum based there. The fort was the last, and therefore the most modern in military terms, to be built along Milford Haven to protect the Royal Dockyard from attack. It was probably the last in the world to be built with a defensive ditch in classic style and was operational in both WW1 and 2.

    The museum contains a wonderful collection of cannons, more modern artillery, bombs, mines, torpedoes and weapons, including shells from Big Bertha of WW1 fame. For a nascent museum open to the public the work of the volunteers and site owner to recover the fort from the ravages of time is remarkable. 1800 tons of rubbish has had to be removed from the ditch and they are not yet sure they have yet got to the bottom.

    An original pre-1914 10" gun is still there and examples of other heavy coastal defence artillery from WW1. The restored 40mm Bofors, 5.5 field gun, 25 pounder and 3.7" AA gun are truly wonderful for a private collection. Work continues to restore the shell and charge hoists from the magazines and waterproof the casemates. Guided tours are available for free as part of the admission. Our guide John was enthusiastic, knowledgeable and humorous. His story about the Master Gunner's war wound was very well worth the hearing. At the end of your visit you will find the cafe is smart and welcoming.

    I encourage you to make the trip out to Angle and visit who are also on FB and Trip Advisor where they are highly rated. Thank you John for a wonderful afternoon.

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