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    1. Hello I'm a relatively new member and have been researching William Sargent, my grandfather's involvement in the fighting around Overloon in 1944. I had significant assistance from a couple of forum members. However there are couple of queries outstanding I'd like to resolve.

    2. My grandfather entered the general service corps in Feb 1944 and was later posted to the Royal Ulster Rifles, on 23/08/1944 his service record then shows that he was transferred to the 2nd battalion Lincolnshire regiment on 05/11/1944. Now at the time the RUR were fighting alongside the Linc's and the king's own Scottish borders, as part of the 9th infantry brigade. And having read Mettle and Pasture Gary Weights history of the 2nd battalion Linc's, it's clear that they fought closely and often rotated their positions to keep the men alert and provide rest.

      Shortly after being transferred to the Linc's my grandfather was shot in an ambush but survived, recovered and remained in the army as a driver until the 1952.

      So my queries for those more knowledgeable than myself are.

      1. Having been posted to the RUR on 23/08/1944 would he immediately have been sent to the front line? The RUR and Linc's took part in the assault on the Escault canal, in September and I wondered if he would have taken part in that operation.

      2. How usual would it have been for a soldier to have been transferred between regiments, and under what circumstances. I have heard anecdotally that soldiers may have been transferred to fill gaps in units due to casualties but I wondered why this would not have been done on a temporary basis.

      I'm heading to Belfast on Monday and if the RUR museum is open I hoped to drop in to see if I could gather more information.

      Thanks in advance


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