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  1. GnrGnr

    GnrGnr Well-Known Member

    I wish to change the email address I use on the site. However, the one I wish to change it to is (don't know how) already on the site record. As it has my name and ISP it is definitely me and not another person with the same address.

    This means that the change password routine doesn't accept the "new" address as it quote "has to be unique". Help please?
  2. GnrGnr

    GnrGnr Well-Known Member

    My earlier post on this subject fell on stony ground, receiving null points! Here's another plea.

    I want to change the email address used to send me notifications. The "change email" routine is easy enough to use BUT when I put in the other address I want to use it tells me the address is in use on the site and I can't use it!. The address I am trying to use is recognisably me and is the one I use for 99% of my email traffic.

    Could those in the know please help!

  3. von Poop

    von Poop Adaministrator Admin

    Hello, Max.
    Send me a PM with the email you want to use and I'll look into it for you.
    Sounds like there might be an old registration under it, but nothing (hopefully!) I can't sort.

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  4. GnrGnr

    GnrGnr Well-Known Member

    PM on the way, many thanks.
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  5. GnrGnr

    GnrGnr Well-Known Member

    For the record - thanks for sorting the problem.

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