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    Another piece in the jigsaw, you have had the best of luck actually finding Jack after all this time, the rest has been providence, nice photos of the ceremony at the cemetery.
    Just keep in touch with Jack and he will help fill the grey areas if he can
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    Last week Nancy and her two nieces and cousin from Maine USA returned to Berlin for a 4 day visit.

    They were guests at the Friday night Royal British Legion meeting and a good crowd enjoyed a splendid evening.

    Saturday morning saw us once more at the CWGC on Heerstrasse, where we lay Flowers on the graves of Nancy's brother and the other crew members.

    Nacy had a small photograph of her brother laminated and left it by the grave.

    Such a nice looking lad and such a pity that he and many like him paid the ultimate price.

    Photograph of the photograph attached, hence the quality is not very good.

    On Saturday evening we all had a meal together and had a nice
    time chatting.

    A further link with many thanks to Peter.



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