Ceylon Home Front and Contribution to WWII

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    Dear Visitors,

    I am currently engaged in research on Ceylon during the Second World War. I would be very grateful if anyone can assist by providing information/references etc about Ceylon's role and contribution to the WWII. I am particularly interested in the following areas:

    The Ceylon Volunteers in the Burma Campaign
    Indian National Army (INA) 'Lanka Unit'
    Allied and Japanese Perspectives on the 'Battle of Ceylon' in 1942
    Ceylon's Military Contribution to the War Effort at Home and Overseas

    If anyone can help me with any information, please contact me on my email: sergeidesilva@hotmail.com


    S. De Silva
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    All I could add is to mention the great importance of that dear country to the war effort by providing a safe base for most if not all operations.

    I was saddened when visiting the war cemeteries there.

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