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    I know there are a variety of well known CBI memorials (and specific memorial threads on the site) but I thought I'd start this as a friend stumbled on one in Cornwall, not far from St Ives, and was kind enough to take a few snaps which I've uploaded to the 'bucket...


    This memorial window is in St Senara Church in Zennor; there is also a small plaque (referencing RASC Swindon), two vases (referencing West Cornwall BSA), two BSA cushion on the pew adjacent (one with an eight-point star) and a visitors book (with a request for CBI signatories only that was not entirely observed), but nothing specific as to the reasons for it being there, other than it is... the only thing I can find online is a reference to the dedication of the window in 1978 - the plaque mostly references RAF personnel...

    [​IMG] [​IMG]

    [​IMG] [​IMG]

    Anybody know anything more about this one, or have found any others tucked away in unusual places...?
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    Hi HC,

    Fascinating stuff, thanks for posting the photos too.:)

    I am aware of Cornish Chindits from both campaigns, including several traveller/gypsy muleteers. I am sure one was called 'Samson' who became a scrap metal merchant after the war just outside Truro.

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