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Discussion in 'Burma & India' started by old bill, Jan 14, 2013.

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    I'm wondering if anyone on the forum could point me in the direction of some first hand accounts of close range battle (firefights, etc) that took place in Burma (1943-46).

    Whether it is from already existing books on the subject or members own memories. This is for a college history project.

    Many, many thanks for any help


    Old Bill
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    There are several accounts from "Blackpool" from mid to late May 1944 - Bill Towill's account re 3/9 Gurkha's makes pretty grim reading... John Masters' The Road Past Mandalay has accounts of 2nd KORR and 1st Cameronians in a number of nightly face-to-face battles as the Japanese pounded the barbed wire - same spot...
    The "Pagoda Hill" battle undertaken by 77 Brigade and described by Calvert in Prisoners Of Hope, where Lt Cairns' earnt his posthoumous VC in rather spectacular fashion...
    Many others could be suggested...
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    Charlton Ogburn has some good ones in The Marauders. So does a Marauder book called Shots Fired in Anger by John George. George was a firearms expert, so he really knows what he is talking about.
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    Well, some of the best you can find in "Quartered Safe Out Here" and "The Little Men". Also good accounts of close range battle are in "B Company, 9th Border Regiment" and "Fighting Through to Kohima".
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    many thanks for all your help, its very much appreciated. it looks like I'm off to buy some books and start some research/reading.

    Thanks again


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