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Discussion in 'Research Material' started by teamwalton, Sep 3, 2015.

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    I have recently been trying to create a better reference site for HMSO publications in general that are related to WW2 from the catalogues in the British Library as a guide for collectors. ( ).

    e.g., Most of the Ministry of Information ones can be found at ( )
    eg, The Army at War series are listed at ( ).

    My estimate of what is "related to WW2' , has changed as I added more years, :), so I am going back to improve it.

    COLLABORATION REQUEST: I was wondering if anybody else would want to co-operate to help provide images of items for this reference site as I only have ones from my collection. ( NB, they can only be copies of items OWNED by users).


    PS. I have to declare that there is small commercial aspect in this web-site as I have provided a small set of books as eBooks on iBooks. This is realistically just for coffee money , :), as the time taken far outweighs the benefit to me, but as I added value to the texts, I had to charge. (nb, extracted people, organisation, coloured maps, etc)
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    Good Morning Dave,
    I would be happy to help if you would let me know what you are in need of. I have posted images in the distant past but only as montages. Would you prefer scans of individual items?

  3. teamwalton

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    Hi John

    I am very sorry for not replying, I am not a frequent user of this site and I didn't seem to get a message from the site telling me that there had been a response. This is an embarrassing long delay before replying:)

    I am generally looking for a cover shot 500pixels wide. I also collect info on which department created it and who for , number of pages and size (just for the record), but the picture by itself would be ok. ( .

    Most of the images I have are mine see ( for where they come from. I am working within the British library so can get more but can't show them on the site :-(., hence wanting other people to give permission for their cover shots.

    if you mail me a list of the titles of any you think I haven't got, I can look at my list to confirm, I'm afraid i do not have a search facility on the site. email on the home site page.

    Are you a collector of such items ?


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