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    South Africa, Military Index, 1853 - 2004
    Name: T.C.M. Taberer
    Death Date: 7 Jul 1943
    Awards and Medals: DSO
    Rank or Designation: Capt
    Serial Number: 7320
    Force Number: 201496
    Collection: World War I and II Roll of Honour, 1914 - 1948

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    IMG_20180610_0004.jpg GBM_WO417_069_0403.jpg

    14568972 Vernon FROST, 1st Royal Fusiliers died of wounds 30/11/44 Casualty
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    2734117 Richard George Bailey, CSM, 3rd Welsh Guards killed 23/4/43 Casualty

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    To throw in a bit of a curve ball - thanks to fellow forum member Hucks216 for directing me towards this German Soldbuch and his help with research (and in general a good chat about collecting British v German paperwork).

    Schutz Hans Fehl was a member of 321 Infantry Regiment of 197 Infantry Division, he was killed 17/11/41 during the advance on Moscow.
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    I really should do my research before trips, I’m in Bruges at the CWGC plot paying my respects and photographing all the graves, but the name Cornell of the Suffolk’s jumped out at me. So I doubled checked this thread and confirmed it is the same lad, at least I have been able to pay my respects properly.


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    5891655 William Moverley HARRIS, 1st Duke of Wellingtons (West Riding Regiment) - died of wounds 21/04/43 - at this point the Battalion were in action on Banana Ridge

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    You don’t happen to have any for Conway’s ? Stanley ,John ?
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    Afraid not, I've had a look through my list of books

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    thank anyway ab64 much appreciated
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