casualties of wwII

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    just looking at the casualties of wwII.

    how did china manage to loose so many people.

    interesting that even nuetral countries were effected

    how about this never knew this also no loses for Switzerland,Argentena or Gib

    Military deaths were of volunteer soldiers in Germany Army.[16,515].The unit named the Blue Division was withdrawn by Spain from the eastern front in 1943. R. J. Rummel estimates the deaths of 20,000 anti-Fascist Spanish refugees resident in France who were deported to Nazi camps, these deaths are included in the French total.

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    Thanks for that raf, it's always good to see stats, even if it is the death toll.

    - AT
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    Notice that the Allies had ten times as many civilian casualties as the Axis (I added up the figures and this is excluding Jewish holocaust victims).
    This gives the lie to claims that the Allies not the Axis were the butchers of civilians, e.g. in the bombing effort over Germany and Japan.

    how did china manage to lose so many people.
    Huge numbers were killed in Japanese air raids and in massacres such as the Rape of Nanking. I wonder if the figure also includes those dying by famine and disease caused by the war.
    But look at the civilian figures for Indonesia, Indo-China, Portugese Timor, India - these must have been caused entirely by Japanese air raids and massacres.


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