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    Posted in general as it did not fit elsewhere really.
    Lost Bombers - World War II Lost Bombers
    I have the medals of Sgt Ronald Rivers from this crew.
    ACE Star and 2 others. I have no connection with him, but have been in possession of his medals for a few years, Ronald was 19 when lost.
    I must admit i have felt a bit of a fraud over the years, having these medals in my possesion. Does anyone else find themselves in a similar position and feeling the same.
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    Posted in general as it did not fit elsewhere really.
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    Well as far I as I am concerned you have the ability to bring to life his story.

    I collect WW2 casualty medal groups but my theme is the Far East, so those KIA & who died at the hands of the Japanese in the camps is what I am into.

    It would be hard to provide a better testement to a man who gave his life for freedom than to tell his story from his upbringing to the missions he took part in until his untimely death.

    To my mind it IS all about the man behind the medals.

    (I hope you have the condolense slip that would have come with them)

    Best Regards

  4. Mike L

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    I can understand you feeling about these medals, but as they have come into your possession at least they are now with someone who appreciates them. Presumably the former owner did not.
    I agree with Simon's sentiments and hope you are still researching Sgt Rivers. It is the finest tribute most of us could achieve.
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    Hi i have 2 Air Crew K.I.A sets which i have bought and often think of the man behind the medals, They could well be a only child with no family of there own ,And lived no life.I like to think i have giving them a good home on display in my lounge with some one that greatly appreciates them. Just wish i could learn research them.
  6. ciderlion

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    Thanks Folks
    The medals were acquired from evil bay. The seller attached a letter stating that the medals had at some time formed part of a house sale. The family had moved to Oz. The seller did some research when he acquired the medals, and found a website created by Sgt Rivers nephew dedicated to Sgt Rivers and the men in his crew. Sadly when the seller thought he would offer the medals to the family he apparently recieved abuse and was accused of trying too rip them off by the nephew( He wasnt)
    So sad really so he decided he would not offer the medals too the family again.
    He thought i may wish to do so. I thought about but i didnt, thats the part i feel bad about. The website no longer exists. Hence i just feel like the guardian of the medals.
    The website was interesting and i printed off copies in included photos of the crew. Only one surviveed that final mission.
  7. Mike L

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    CL one of the great things about the internet (and this forum) is that if you post scans or pictures of the medals and any associated documents with typed or transcribed descriptions search engines such as Google will pick it up on any search for eg the recipient's name.
    I think that would be a great thing to do and might even result in contact with the family.
    Son of a Rat - if you start a new thread with all the info you have I am sure members here will be only too pleased to help with research.

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