Cassino War Cemetery and Memorial (plus Polish & German) - any requests?

Discussion in 'War Grave Photographs' started by AB64, Aug 12, 2022.

  1. AB64

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    I'll be travelling through Italy next month and hopefully stopping off at a few cemeteries including these, if you are after any photos or just want someone to stop by a particular grave and pay respects just pop on a reply with name and details and I'll try my best
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  2. temptage

    temptage I thought it would only take a few weeks......

    I have 2 names in the Cemetery and 3 on the Memorial. The Memorial is an absolute biatch to get good photos from, because of the type of stone used.

    II. E. 1 - Hughes, R
    XVIII. H. 17 - Munday, G W

    Panel 4 - Bullimore, C A
    Panel 6 - Atkin, G W
    Panel 13 - Lambord, C
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  3. AB64

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    I totally agree on the memorial, its hard enough even finding names if they are high up, the sun and its glare don't help plus you can't really get far back and zoom in - fingers crossed though that conditions are helpful
  4. temptage

    temptage I thought it would only take a few weeks......

    Perhaps if they painted the letters in either black or, preferably, white then the names may be easier to see......

    ........but gold letters on a yellowy background is a nightmare.
  5. AB64

    AB64 Senior Member

    I think the fence is new, I wonder how many people have fallen and drowned over the years, can they not even put gates in so you can choose to take your life in your own hands and walk by the pool (or am I becoming a grumpy old man)

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  6. AB64

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    Photos attached - temptage drop me a PM with your email if you want me to send on original bigger images

    bullimore.JPG atkin.JPG hughes.JPG mundae.JPG lambord.JPG
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