Carried brother for seven miles to Dunkirk.

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    West Cumberland Times

    The moving story of how a brother and cousin of Alfred Hyde, of the Border reg.who,when mortally wounded seven miles from Dunkirk, pleaded with them to leave him and save themselves, refused and carried him for three hours in the broiling heat and before the advancing Germans, was told when the brother, Lance Corporal Fred Hyde came home to Workington to attend his brothers funeral.
    The dead soldier was shot through the stomach, and an officer who found him sent for his brother who he told to get the man to a casualty station. L/Cpl Hyde and his cousin took turns in carrying Pte Hyde over their shoulder. On reaching a casualty station they learned that the Germans were not too far away and they decided to carry on.
    It was three hours before they reached Dunkirk, and there they had to dodge German dive bombers and machine guns for another two hours before being able to board a rescue ship. To do this they had to wade waist deep into the sea, struggling to keep their human load suspended over their heads.
    On board Pte.Hyde was taken to the Captains cabin and had his wounds dressed, but he died before the ship made port. The ships flag was lowered to half mast and the body was piped ashore by the ships company.

    Private Alfred Hyde buried Workington (Salterbeck) Cemetery.


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    Thanks for sharing. I know the cemetery where he is buried very well.:poppy:

    Small world possibly.....I have a photo of my 17 year old Workington born father on a signals course at Carlisle Castle with 5th Border (3597824 served May 1935/Jan 1937 prior to enlistment in Coldstream Guards) in January 1936. I’m away in from home in West Cumberland at the moment but I’m sure there is a Hyde from Workington in the course photo I have on my wall at home. I’ll have a close look when I’m back home next weekend.

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    Hi Steve,

    Look forward to seeing your picture Steve.

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    Here is the photo I mentioned. It is actually a Billy Hyde who is featured but if I was a betting man I'd say he was likely a relative of Fred Hyde as he was a Workington man.

    Here are the names on the photo - my Dad only remembered the names of the men from Workington when I asked him to put names to the faces - all Privates unless otherwise stated -

    Back Row (Standing) - left to right - Billy Hyde (mess waiter jacket), John Young, Alf Light, Unknown, John Fagan, Joe Mathews (mess waiter jacket).

    Front Row (Seated) - left to right - Billy Earl, CSM Unknown, Cpl Unknown

    I think my Dad said the unknown's hailed from Aspatria.

    Photo taken at Carlisle Castle January 1936 during a Signals course. On my fathers (J. Young) Coldstream Guards Attestation in January 1937 he was shown as HQ Company, 5th Border so I presume he was a signaller.


    5th Border Signals Course, Jan 1936.jpg
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    Thanks for posting the photo Steve, as you say it could probably be some relation.


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