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    I hope the one in the right it's not the Reichsmarschall in drag :icon-mrgreenbandit:
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    I have a question if anyone out there can answer for me I would appreciate it. I had a friend that was a WWII veteran and died about 20 years ago. I used to talk to him about the war back in the 1980's. He had a small porcelain statue in the Art Deco style that had been made in Germany of a nude girl holding a flute with a bird watching her. His widow gave me the item several years after his death since I had admired it and she had no heirs. They both always told me that he had liberated it from the Goering's estate. I do not remember if it was Karinhall that he was referring to or not. Based on my other readings it seems impossible that he could have gotten it there since the estate was blown up and also due to the fact that the Russians and not the Americans appear to have been the only ones there. I have tried to get people interested to see if this was stolen art that I could return but to no avail. It is unlikely that its value is high but it might be a family heirloom. If anyone out there has any ideas on this story please let me know. Was there another Georing estate? thanks You may reply directly to my email ( to on this forum. thanks a lot
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    Goering also had a castle and estate in the Rheinland
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    You may already be aware of this site:

    Good luck. It is a fine thing that you do.

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