Captain,Wilfred Percy Nevill :Four Footballs

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    Died 01/07/1916

    1st Bn.
    East Yorkshire Regiment

    attd. 8th Bn.
    East Surrey Regiment

    Captain Nevill bought four footballs, one for each of his platoons. The idea being that on the day of the First Battle of the Somme, the footballs would be "kicked into No Mans Land" as far towards the German line as was possible, and the winner would receive a prize from the Captain, who "kicked off" the first ball - the prize was never collected as Nevill died on the day. One of the footballs was inscribed : "The Great European Cup, The Final, East Surreys v Bavarians, Kick Off at Zero". Two examples are now held by National Army Museum and the Queen's Regiment Museum, Howe Barracks, Canterbury, Kent.


    Location: Somme, France
    Number of casualties: 827

    Cemetery/memorial reference: E. 28.


    Wilfred Percy Nevill Captain, East Surrey Regiment, attached East Yorkshire Regiment
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    Screen Shot 2019-03-29 at 14.49.39.png
    DOVER EXPRESS 21st July 1916

    Screen Shot 2019-03-29 at 14.50.56.png
    BURY FREE PRESS 22nd July 1916
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    Baptism, St Mary Magdalene, Holloway Road, Islington:

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    I think Captain Nevill lived just up the road from Rifleman Frank Edwards who was the men who kicked the football from his trench at Loos on 25th September '15. Frank lived in Whitton.
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    From the war diaries of the East Surrey regiment of July 1916.
    43849_2050_0-00118.jpg 43849_2050_0-00085.jpg 43849_2050_0-00130.jpg
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    I had the chance to have a kick around with the ball at Dulwich Hamlets FC last week..


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