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    Has anyone come across a Captain McLean operating behind the lines in Italy in any capacity - either SAS or more likely SOE?

    Reputedly he was a South African, captured at Tobruk, but he doesn't appear in POW register WO 392/21. This could mean that he escaped from a camp in Italy but there is no record in Italian sources of an escaper with his rank and name. He was supposed to have been with the 'Nembo' partisans at one period - they came into operation on the Gothic Line.

    The son of one of his 'men', an escaper following the Italian armistice, has mentioned him in the thread Italian partisans. The escaper joined our lines on 7 July 1944.

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    Thanks. He wasn't any of these, unfortunately.

    It might be a case of getting his records from Pretoria. I've already suggested that to the person who was looking for him in the first place,


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