Captain Hewitt 687 Heavy Recover Sec Rome

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    Hi Would any body have any info on a Captain Hewitt he features in a lot of my Grandfathers photos.
    He is pictured in the photo at the R.E.M.E workshop office in Rome 1944.
    I think it is the Innocenti workshops.

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    Only managed to slim it down to 5. All are recorded as Lts at that time, but could easily have been acting Captains. But this isn't recorded on London Gazette.

    154750 Lt. Alfred George Hewitt (QM) ex RAOC Retired War subs Captain in 1948.

    143877 Lt. Charles Thomas Hewitt (QM) ex war Subs Capt, promoted Captain in 1947, retired Captain 1954.

    228793 Lt. Francis Neville Hewitt (QM), comm RAOC 1942, was Honorary Captain promoted Captain 1954, retd Capt 1958.

    160703 Lt. Frederick William Harvev Hewitt, comm RASC 1941, wounded Tunisia 04/03/43. retd due to disability hon capt, 1951

    274323 Lt. Jack Eric Hewitt, ex QM RAOC 1943.

    Hope this helps

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    Thanks will liik into that.

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