Captain Arthur Francis McCausland Riggs, D.SO., M.C., King's Own Yorkshire Light Infantry

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    Captain (temporary Major) (acting Lieutenant-Colonel) Arthur Francis McCausland Riggs, M.C., the King’s Own Yorkshire Light Infantry, was awarded the Distinguished Service Order.

    Lieutenant-Colonel Riggs has since been killed in action.*

    This award was made for outstanding leadership and gallantry on July 13th, 1943, south of Villasmundo, in an attack on a formidable enemy position which was holding up the advance. The forcing of this position was of vital importance to subsequent operations. During the reconnaissance for the attack, his Battalion Commander was wounded. He immediately took over the reconnaissance and organisation of his battalion’s attack. The objectives necessitated the crossing of a deep nullah under direct enemy observation and fire. The battalion suffered heavily in its efforts to force this obstacle and only isolated parties got across. Lieutenant-Colonel Riggs led a small party on to the second objective; on reaching it he had only one man left and had to withdraw across the nullah.

    The battalion, meanwhile, was under heavy fire; Lieutenant-Colonel Riggs started reorganising for a further attack, which, however, was anticipated by the enemy’s withdrawing from his positions, and the brigade eventually occupied Villasmundo the same night.

    The personal leadership and determination shown by Lieutenant-Colonel Riggs in his battalion’s efforts to reach its objectives were an inspiration to all ranks and contributed in no small degree to the successful opening of the road to Villasmundo.

    Lieutenant-Colonel Riggs was born at Dromahair, Co. Leitrim.*
    Riggs, Arthur Francis McCausland
    Rank: Captain now Acting Lieutenant Colonel
    Service No: 9171
    Regiment: 1 King's Own Yorkshire Light Infantry
    Award: Distinguished Service Order
    Riggs, A F
    Rank: Captain
    Regiment: 1 Battalion King's Own Yorkshire Light Infantry
    Award: Mention in Despatches

    The Times, Friday, Oct 22, 1943
    Army Awards, Gallantry in Sicily

    *The Times, Wednesday, Oct 27, 1943
    Last Thursday the London Gazette, in announcing the award of the D.S.O. to Lieutenant-Colonel A.F.McC. Riggs, K.O.Y.L.I. (Reserve of Officers), for gallant and distinguished services in Sicily, added the words "since killed in action." A substituted notice in last night's Gazette makes it clear that he has not since been killed in action.

    London Gazette:
    19 October 1943
    22 October 1943
    19 July 1946

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  2. has any one got a diary about him
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    Lieutenant Thomas Reynolds, the King’s Own Yorkshire Light Infantry, was awarded the Military Cross.
    During an attack on a feature known as Sidi Barka near Bou Arada on the morning of April 22nd, 1943, Lieutenant Reynolds was acting as second-in-command “B” company. When it became light, the company came under heavy mortar fire and machine-gun fire. This was on the slopes of the Saddle and close to the enemy observation post which was directing the fire.

    The company commander (who was later killed) called for a repeat of artillery concentration. Shell fell short, and Lieutenant Reynolds was told to start to withdraw the company to a position slightly in the rear. Just then the company commander was killed. Lieutenant Reynolds at once assumed control. Exposed to fire he moved about among the company and directed the withdrawal to a safer position. By his leadership and personal courage he was able to control this withdrawal and then directed the platoons into the new position. He showed disregard for his own personal safety so that his men should be able to received the order to withdraw. Throughout the rest of the day when exposed to sniping and sporadic mortar fire he kept the men with him together and only withdrew when ordered to do so under cover of darkness.

    Lieutenant Reynolds was born in Dublin.
    Name Reynolds, Thomas
    Rank: Lieutenant
    Service No: 108199
    Regiment: 16 Battalion Durham Light Infantry Brigade
    Theatre of Combat or Operation: North Africa (Algeria, Tunisia)
    Award: Military Cross
    Date of Announcement in London Gazette: 15 June 1943
    Date 1943
    Catalogue reference WO 373/1

    London Gazette:
    18 April 1941
    11 June 1943
    28 June 1946

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    Lieutenant Thomas Reynolds, the King’s Own Yorkshire Light Infantry, was awarded the Military Cross.

    London Gazette:
    18 April 1941
    11 June 1943
    28 June 1946

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