Capt T H Wale, 231 Bty, 67th Medium Regiment

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    Does anyone have any info on a Captain Thomas Henry Wale who is listed on the CWGC website as a member of 231 Bty, 67th Medium Regiment at the time of his death on 18 Nov 1945. He is buried in Southwold churchyard where I am doing some work at the moment, hence the interest. I have a photo of a group of TA soldiers in Southwold before the War and Wale is clearly in command of them at the time from his position. There is no doubt on the photo but it is certainly pre-1939 from the uniforms and they are all wearing RA capbadges. many thanks.
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    CWGC :: Casualty Details
    Captain THOMAS HENRY WALE 22414, 231 Bty., 67 Medium Regt., Royal Artillery who died age 46 on 18 November 1945
    Son of Henry Augustus and Helena Wale; husband of Thelma Winifred Wale. of Southwold.
    Remembered with honour SOUTHWOLD (ST. EDMUND) CHURCHYARD
    Grave/Memorial Reference: Sec. U.
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    The only mention I can find for him in the London Gazette is from July 1939 when he received his Captain rank -



    Capt. T. H. Wale, from T.A. Res. of Off.
    R.A., to be Capt. l0th May 1939.

    Also tried looking him up in the WW1 records with no luck (he was born in 1899 so probably served in the Great War)
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    Would you mind posting the photo up on the forum? Are any other individuals named?
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    Persistive Hi & welcome.
    Forum member LesB is a veteran of
    231Bty 67th Medium Regt RA

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    Try contracting the Librarian at Firepower (The Royal Artillery Museum at Woolwich) on

    He has a hugh amount of info on RA Officers, be warned, they do charge for carrying out research.

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    On 27 April 1921 Thomas Henry Wale was commissioned as a 2nd Lieutenant in the 58th (Essex and Sussex) Medium Brigade, RFA (TA) and was promoted to Lieutenant in 231st Battery, 58th (Essex and Sussex) Medium Brigade, RFA (TA) on 27 April 1923. He was promoted to Captain in the 58th (Suffolk) Medium Regiment on 23 August 1926. Sometime between September 1927 and April 1928 he joined the Reserve of Officers as a Captain. He was recalled to active duty on 10 May 1939. In September 1939 T. H. Wale was a Captain in 67th Medium Regiment, RA (TA) at Ipswich.

    Regards, Dick Flory

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