Capt. John Frederick Bird SN 76456 Royal Artillery, Military Cross

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    Hello, I am trying to find, out for his daughter, what Cpt. John F Bird got his MC for. He didnt tell his daughter and we dont know how to find out.
    Your help will be gratefully received.

    He served In Middle East(including Egypt,East Africa, Western Desert,Sudan,Greece,Crete,Syria & Tobruk.)

    It was mentioned he may have been involved in Operation Compass


    Best regards JPT
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    If noone beats me to it , I'll look his Recommendation up later when I've finished work.
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    Hello CL1
    No she hasn't applied for his records.
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    Thanks Owen
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    Recommendation for Award for Bird, John Fredrick Rank: Captain Regiment: ... | The National Archives
    J F Bird's Citation, which I have transcribed, as it's difficult to read.

    "At Bardia on 3 June 1941, after the capture of the first objective it was necessary to get the survey data into the forward areas. Capt Bird did this with great determination and courage. Observations were taken under heavy shell fire from very exposed positions. The success of the artillery plan for the second phase of the attack was entirely due to Capt Bird‘s work.

    Throughout the campaign Capt Bird has exhibited great courage and determination to ensure that survey data was at all times in the forward areas."

    He served in 1 Survey Troop, 6 Survey Regiment, Royal Artillery. This type of unit were responsible for spotting positions of the enemy artillery and passing this information to Allied Artillery in order to bring fire down upon them.


    His entry in the 8 July 1941 page of the London Gazette. three quarters of the way down on the left hand side of the page.

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    Well I'll be...
    I never expected so much so soon.
    On behalf of Captain Bird's daughter thank you so very much


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