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  1. Sailorsboy

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    I thought Frank Shambley was in the Royal Artillery but I've had a closer look at the cap badge in this picture and I'm no longer certain that that is the case. Can anyone help with the identification? img01.jpg
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    IMHO that IS a Royal Artillery hat badge.......I haven’t seen any hat badge that that is similar (except) other Commonwealth Artillery Hat Badges that are “similar” but have modifications for their specific country, (EG: New Zealand, Canada etc)



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  3. AB64

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    There was a Frank Shambley who joined the RA 21/4/28 and was from Wigan born 24/11/08, is that him? if so his number was 781292
  4. travers1940

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    I agree probably Royal Artillery, and the riding breeches suggest some sort of mounted role.

    Maybe on his L/H boot there is part of the frame that would have held spurs.
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  5. Richard Lewis

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    Also, a white lanyard is Royal Artillery.
  6. timuk

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    Almost certain the photo is Royal Artillery 1930s.

  7. Welchchap

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    33 to 38 to narrow it down. Looks like recruit passing out picture. Given the white cord rather than a lanyard that dates it from 33 whilst the old service dress uniform started going from 38.
    OP is there a photographer stamp on the back?
  8. Sailorsboy

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  9. Sailorsboy

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    Thanks. That's definitely him. Can you tell me where you got the information from? I've tried to find a record without success.
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  12. AB64

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    I used Findmypast for his attestation, Ancestry has his Tracer card
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