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    A place for some links, and associations with Cannock (Staffordshire, UK), especially, but not only, during WW2.


    (More to add in edit - will be similar in format, for example to the thread on Chippenham Park - see Chippenham Park Camp )
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    Cannock - Wikipedia

    Text Search Results - Staffordshire Past Track

    IWM - Search | Imperial War Museums

    IWM audio -

    Nimmins, Thomas Evans (Oral history) - Aspects of period as NCO with 9th Bn Durham Light Infantry in GB, 6/1940-5/1941: reception at Dover; morale; journey to Cannock Chase; accommodation; rifle shortage; leave before move to Lyme Regis;

    Holewa, Herbert Franz Richard (Oral history) - nature of German POW Camp 22, Cannock

    Other... i.e. Cannock Chase...

    Cannock Chase Military Training Grounds

    (From below)

    The two unique memorials, for Katyn: The Katyn Memorial - Cannock Chase

    Plus, the better known and regularly commemorated German cemetery: German Military Cemetery - Cannock Chase
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    27th March 1941 -
    24th L War Diary: 27/3/41 Drill Competition held at Knaresborough for recruits of 24th Lancers and 23rd Hussars. 24th Lancers first squad was adjudged to be the best by Brigadier Peto.

    20th of August 1942
    Exhibition Details - Staffordshire Past Track
    With... Date : 20th of August 1942 - Description : Pictured (link) above is Brigadier-General G M Barnes, Assistant Chief of Ordinance, US Army with members of the Special American Mission accompanied by Major-General Crawford of the Ministry of Supply and British Army Officers attached to the US Army, Mr G Nelson (later Sir George Nelson) Chairman and Managing Director of the English Electric Company who after inspecting the Armoured Vehicle factory were conveyed in “Covenanter” tanks to the tank testing ground on Cannock Chase.
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  4. Ramiles

    Ramiles Researching 9th Lancers, 24th L and SRY

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    Ramiles Researching 9th Lancers, 24th L and SRY

    Thanks, l've been thinking about whether or not to establish links to "Cannock Chase" - i.e. "here" - under the wider umbrella of "Cannock" but for the mo. I think, largely - that it might be a tad simpler/ easier option to treat Cannock and Cannock Chase (and particularly the military cemetery) as two separate areas for research.

    Though still thinking hard about it... especially since there are plenty of training aspects also associated with Cannock Chase.
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  7. Ramiles

    Ramiles Researching 9th Lancers, 24th L and SRY

    Re. 24th Lancers and "Cannock"...

    On 24th Lancer Life in Cannock (RHQ), Bridgtown (A), Armitage (B) and Colton (C) in January 1941... From p10 and p11 of "None Had Lances"...



    Re. Cannock to Bridgtown... where "A" Squadron of the 24th Lancers were (I don't think the Designer Outlet was there in 1941 though ;-) )

    Bridgtown .png

    Re. Cannock to Armitage... where "B" Squadron of the 24th Lancers were...


    Re. Cannock to Coulton... where "C" Squadron of the 24th Lancers were...


    George Taylor 'A' Sqd 24L (died 8/6/1944) is pictured in the middle, on the front row. The reverse of the photo reads: "Drill Squad, Cannock Feb 1941."


    Re. Sergeant B.D. Woodmansee - 7928138
    Nicknamed "the General" *
    "HQ" Squadron - 24th Lancers
    Landing with 24th L's Captain David Turquand and Trooper Shaddick on D-Day in a scout car, he is mentioned on page 75 of NHL.
    Wounded in Normandy with the 24th Lancers - 11d6m1944.

    * Nicknamed "the General" after...
    Chiang Kai-shek - Wikipedia
    To whom there was apparently a resemblance in appearance.
    Chiang Kai-shek - Picture - 1943

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    Frankly quite surprised at this as I knew that the Chase was used for tank testing. They were manufactured in Stafford just up the road. I saw no evidence of habitation in WW2 as all the huts were apparently removed before WW2.
    Our family were regular visitors to the chase, as were Staffordshire Army Cadets who had a modern breeze block weekend camp facility with heating and showers.
    There was always friction with the "friends of the chase" who objected to it . The Cadets had to wear civvies as they banned Military Training, so were limited to orienteering.
    The range was closed and the building removed apparently as a security risk.
    We stopped going there at the advent of Mountain Bikes as it was not a pleasant experience dodging them racing around the tracks. They seemed to come by the thousand.
    The Chase was originally used for WW1 being a major training area and home to the Anzacs later in the War. The Hospital was used extensively and treated some well known people including JRR Tolkein.
    Many were rehabilitated by learning to be instructors, after being sent there with shellshock.
    There is a book that used to be on sale in the gift shop A Town For Four Winters and a very informative website that I have posted here in the past.


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