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    All, one of the things Wilhelm Canarais is reported to have helped the British with is Sealion - but I'm trying to find out how - as in to what level of detail or what aspect he assisted?
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    To know how he helped the British (what I do not believe ),we should first know in sofar he had any information on Sealion (if he had some,what I do not believe,till I have seen the proofs )
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    Admiral Canaris, along with Oster, actually helped the Allies while supervising all German espionage and counterespionage. They were revealing important German strategy and battle plans to the Allies - from Hitler's impending western offensive against the Low countries and France to Hitler's plan to invade Britain. Canaris also misled Hitler into believing that the Allies would not land at Anzio in 1943.

    Canaris, Resistance

    ...which is first what made me wonder. And of course as head of the Abwehr his organisation would be fully involved in obtaining intelligence and information for the invasion planning.
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    Could also recommend the book Waller / "The unseen war in Europe"

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