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    Good eyes, Kevin. I agree about the missing F. It bothered me.

    alberk, would it be possible to recan the complete back of the picture. It may help.
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    Guys, let me check this out……while searching for info on this, I spotted many of the first documents that used only CAO for the abbreviation of Canadian Army Occupation ………let me see if I can find them again (the problem with researching multiple reels in one day, and if I can confirm CAO I’ll post it

    EDIT. Found it in my post No 12 above (Location Statement No 1)……but I was mistaken, they started using COF as the initial abbreviation (Canadian Occupation Force)……so yes, the “F” was part of the acronym right from the start

    I included the front Page from “Q” Branch 3 Cdn Inf Div War Dairy that shows them now using “COF” (Canadian Occupation Force” as the acroynm, in the War Dairy, they list all attached units by name and “COF” at the end

    War diaries : T-10539 - Héritage

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    regarding the Canadian soldier who in 1945 fathered a boy in The Hague: It would be great if someone who is registered on Ancestry could look for the name Peter Moraze, born in 1922.

    On "Find a Grave" I discovered a Peter Moraze who died in 1976 and is buried in Thompson, Manitoba.

    One more question: Are any personnel records of Candian Army veterans available in the LAC?

    Thank you for your help!

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    I found limited information on the above man. No family tree that I could find. Some government records (census records)

    Also, to order service records, go to this link
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    Thank you, Temujin - does "limited" mean that it does not go beyond what I already know?
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    Yes, I couldn’t find a family tree, only found the Find a Grave reference you mentioned, and he was on Voter’s lists, but nothing else. I can send you the voter’s lists if you wish (it will give you addresses)…..or just the “last” list I can find. But not sure it will help, as he has passed away (if we have found the right man). I also tried, nothing on there.
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    This is the last Voter’s list I can find, he and his wife. It’s the 1974 Voter’s List

    Address is 218 Brandon Crescent, Thompson, Manitoba

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    Temujin - that's great stuff! If this was our man we would have added an amazing amount of information to what Simon, my Dutch acquaintance (his potential son), knows. This Peter Moraze lived in Thompson, we have his former address, he was a miner (very likely in the local nickel mine) and there was a Patsy Moraze, very likely his wife. ​

    How may one find out the date of any given deceased person in Canada?

    Moraze is rare name, and it is quite plausible that this Peter Moraze could be that man we're looking for. He would have died aged 53. And on a web page named "Billion Graves" I even found a photo of his grave. It looks like a poor (or unloved?) man was buried in Thompson, Manitoba. Quite sad, actually... Or am I mis-interpreting this?
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    Sorry I can’t find anything on him or his wife (Patsy). I’ve even tried “Peel’s Prairie Provinces” which are old newspapers of the 3 prairies provinces in Canada. I’m getting nothing. Tryed the “last post” (Royal Canadian Legion site) and nothing. You could “try” to see if LAC in Ottawa has a military record for him, but it may take months (over a year). If you had ANY other clues ?

    BUT did find his wife’s first name was Patrica (Patsy for short)
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    Thank you, Temujin.

    I read that for ordering an individual's military records at the LAC one needs a "proof of death" or at least some proof of a personal/family interest. Which in this case is difficult/impossible to come up with...
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    No - I am afraid there is nothing else on Peter Moraze. His Dutch offspring has no other clues than this name and the birth date, which is July 1st 1922.
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    I’ve been searching all my regular sites for ANYTHING that can confirm his death of anything else. Not having any luck so not sure what else I can do at this time.

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    No worry! You've done a lot already - and your help is much appreciated!

    Best regards
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    I have been following this thread. Great work by Temujin. If indeed the subject of your inquiry is Peter Moraze, I can refer you to a researcher ( compliments of Klambie ) in Ottawa that can, for a small fee, get the limited war records for Moraze. I believe full records are not available unless proof of death is established. If successful, the researcher should be able to deliver the war records within 30 days. PM me if you would like the researcher's contact info.

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