Canadian soldier on a FTP memorial

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    Hello to all !
    It's been years since i didn't post something here ...
    Naughty , naughty frog !

    But i have a question for you.

    While a walk in the forest of Mauny ,near Moulineaux La Bouille, and this infamous theater of fierce fights, i came across this memorial ,erected near a cave where partisans had their "secret base"(...) , WP_20161015_003.jpg WP_20161015_004.jpg dedicated to various french martyrs , Franc tireurs et partisans.
    But a name on the memorial doesn't sounds french.
    Kniveton W .
    DoD 29th of August.

    I 'd really like to have your pov on this very name .
    Why is he on the memorial?
    Thanks in advance
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    Welcome back Seb.

    I wonder if the man was this casualty.

    Casualty Details

    He may have been separated from his unit and was involved with the FFI and FTP group of did happen to those who were split from their units both in the Allied Armies and Air Forces.

    Others might be able to indicate the location of Trooper Kniveton's unit in Normandy in August 1944.

    xxxxxxx Late note as Owen has done
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    Details from Scotlandspeople website for anybody researching him in the future

    Born 1924 in the Kelvin district of Glasgow GRO Ref 644/13 489

    Death registered in the Minor Records section for service returns GRO Ref 152/AF315

    Parents marriage 1918 (mother Marion Sutherland) Maryhill, Glasgow GRO 644/14 113
  5. sebfrench76

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    Can 't believe you're so fast...
    HUUUUGE thanks to all of you.
    So he was Scottish...(my bad..Complete apologies ).
    And you provided even the war diary where is name appears...
    I had forgotten the high quality of the historians here..
  6. Owen

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    I just found the page on another member's website, found on this thread 2nd Derbyshire Yeomanry
    That's a transcription of the war diary, Recce_Mitch has a copy of the actual diary.

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