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    Can someone help me with the pics and info that i've got?
    I'm lookin for more info about my great grandfather Stanley Pasces/Pascis
    I know He was born in Montreal.

    Can someone explain the badge on his beret?

    thank you very much 15942538_10211763051496239_1441203813_o.jpg 15902585_10211763041175981_895778667_o.jpg
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    Can't help much other than to say his unit was 10th Canadian Base Reinforcement Battalion - a holding unit that arrived in France June 1944 to
    feed reinforcements to Canadian infantry units.

    It is mentioned in this topic on another forum

    Searching for info - Canada at War Forums

    You may not be aware that you ought to be able to obtain a copy of your grandfathers service file from Library & Archives Canada in Ottawa.

    See below link -

    Good Luck

    Steve Y

    How to Obtain Copies of Military Service Files - Library and Archives Canada
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    thank you
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