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    I am researching Sgt Howard Houlette Canadian Engineers.(33rd Field Company .1939/46 )
    I have most of his details other than where and why he was Mentioned in Dispatches ,he was Gazetted in 1946


    The KING has been graciously pleased to approve

    that the following be Mentioned in recognition of

    gallant and distinguished services in North West


    M73I2 Sgt. Howard Maurice HOULETTE.

    Italy Star
    France and Germany Star
    39/45 Star with MID
    Defence Medal
    Canadian Vol. Medal and Clasp

    Should the OAK Leaf be on the France and Germany Star?

    If I manage to access Canadian Army records will it list MID's ?
    A relative tried to get his Canadian service records without success.
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    No additional detail in 'Courage and Service: Second World War Awards to Canadians', Blatherwick & Halliday, Service Publications which is comprehensive. Finding MiD citations is very rare. I've had success finding the Awards file in Regimental records for the unit I research, but that's outside the typical 'official' records you will find at LAC. Even then, as I don't believe citations were normally required, it requires some guesswork as to whether this write-up for an award never made might be related to an MiD.

    Perhaps see what the CME Museum holds in that regard? I suspect a bigger research challenge as you are dealing with a Corps rather than an individual regiment. Certainly worth trying the War Diaries to see if there is any detail.

    Any reason they could not obtain his file? Aside from outright disappearance, all files should be available.
  3. redtop

    redtop Well-Known Member

    No reason as to why they could not get service
    records said they applied and heard no more
    ,Will see if i can find relevant War Diaries.

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