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    Speaking to a contact I have from the local British RBL yesterday. He had attended a service in memory of Canadian airmen from WWII based at a camp near where we live. He was asked to supply a poppy wreath to lay and asked if he could get hold of the red Canadian Maple Leaf as an insert for the wreath itself. Don't know where it came from, but as you can see by the attached picture, the round insert itself is green. Do any of our Canadian friends on here know the history of this as none of the Canadians present at the service knew why the poppy insert was this colour.

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    No picture attached to your post #1

    Answer depends obviously on the source of the artwork and instructions given.

    If the wreath complete with insert was ordered from the RBL then it should have been correct although even they have several versions of some artwork.
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    Apologise picture now attached to original post. The insert came separate from the wreath.
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    SDP Incurable Cometoholic Patron which case it's reasonably safe to say that the RBL will have supplied a simple (presumably standard open centre 'C' Type) wreath and someone else 'had a go' with the insert. If inserts are requested, the RBL will also have properly attached it to the wreath.

    The RBL are very obliging re inserts so the loose insert could have been for all sorts of reasons. It's unlikely that the RBL didn't have the appropriate insert....but never say never!
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    I would imagine that the person who made it assumed that it was for Canadian soldiers, hence the camouflage effect.
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    A few links to why it might have been used.



    Canadian Shield 1921-1957 (Official)

    On November 21, 1921, a royal proclamation made the royal arms of Canada to their present form. Flag makers started to use the new "Official " arms right away.

    At the end of the Great War when the College of Heralds was working on the current Canadian Coat of Arms, they wanted the maple leaves to be red, as they are at present. Sir Joseph Pope did everything in his power to stop it in favour of green leaves, on the assumption that vigorous leaves are green and dying (fall) leaves are red. The College of Heralds got their way by recommending to King George V that the leaves be "proper," natural coloured in heraldic language. Since both red and green are "proper" hence the change in 1957 could be made without any need to revisit the Grant of Arms.
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    Interesting reading thanks very much.

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