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    Hello all, i appreciate that this is a long shot but i would be interested in your thoughts on it's past.

    I've received this Wostenholm knife from my father. It belonged to my Grand-father who served in the British army during WW2 with the Royal Engineers.

    My limited research would indicate that it is a Canadian knife, which would be possible as he served alongside the Canadians in 30 corps in NW Europe, is that right ?

    Also, what is the number stamp on the marlin spike for ? My initial thought was that it is a soldiers service number. I have researched service numbers but too many come up which surprised me.

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    Some variations on a theme - military marlin clasp knife - Google Search

    Could be Army or Navy (common in naval issue) could be US/Canadian/British

    clasp knife, British Army issue
    This British Army issue clasp knife, produced in 1938, follows a standard pattern laid down in 1913. It incorporates and marlinspike and short can-opening blade, as well as a knife blade. It was superseded during the late 1930s by a model which featured a more modern can-opener.

    There appear to be specialist forums on knives that might be able to tie down exactly what you have


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