Canadian First Hussars WWII war diaries?

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  1. sorry for my spelling errors he was present for all the battles the 1st hassars took part in from the beach landing on. I would love how to know how you found the files on the battle of the 1st hassars
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    Anyone searching for information regarding a relative that fought with the 1st Hussars/6 CAR, feel free to PM me.
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  3. Hello my grandfather fought with the first hassars during WW2 I don't know very much else but his service number is B61468 and I believe he was A -squadron to start but don't know if he was moved to other squadrons after they lost most tanks his name was Albert George McCalla. Any info would be so much loved and appreciated thank you so mich
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    I sent you links to the complete war diaries. These entail the best information on the regiment. Any other sources usually are based on the war diaries. Did you find any reference to your grandfather there?
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  5. Yup I did thank you so much found his name a few times now and I only just started looking
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    Hi, just reviewing this thread. My research and reading in the 6CAR/1st Hussars WD show that when a soldier was taken on strength (TOS), not necessarily indicated which squadron they went to. That said, other units are well known for meticulous WD’s.

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