Canadian First Hussars WWII war diaries?

Discussion in 'Canadian' started by grandsonenfield, Aug 14, 2012.

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    I just noticed the request for June and August. I will get to it in the next few days.
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    Here is the rest of June and August from 1st Hussars history:

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    The rest:

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  5. Awesome!
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    Are the book scans from Conron's book? Is there an ISBN?
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    HI all
    Thanks Dryan 67- very much appreciated.
    As i have several researchers sending me images of docs, I thought I would have a go with my camera.... MI6 won't be calling me , i fear...
    Grandson Enfield - here is WD for 1 Hussars for 10 Aug 1944 plus Appendix 7 -account of C squadron action that day. As per PM good luck with yr research.
    Age shall not weary them - lest we forget.


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  8. dryan67

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    Yes the scans are from Conron's book:

    A. Brandon Conron. A History of the First Hussars Regiment 1856-1980. Privately Published, c. 1981.

    There is no ISBN number listed in the book. Try Abebooks or Alibris for a copy if you need one.

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  9. Dryan67 and Pak75 you guys are awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Reading his and reading where A+B Sqd's were, It is for sure possible that this was the action that my grandfather was injured in on the 10th of August. I would love to believe it. Although you can never know 100%.
    Seeing that 'C' Squad went back to the harbouring area on the 12, My grandfather was evacuated on the 15th or so so it almost looks like this is the action.
    I can't thank you guys enough for what you have shown me. This long standing question was always on my mind wanting to ask Grandpa when and where he was wounded while he was still alive but I was afraid to. All my Aunts and Uncles were also afraid to ask. I wish I would have asked him. I'm almost positive he would have told me.
    this is the closest I can get to that and I have you to thank for it.
    thanks again!
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    I am Albert Darrington's granddaughter, too. He was reluctant to speak of his war service. I have always felt that I should know more about his service time. This is Angie. Who are you?
  11. granddaughterdarrington

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    I did ask him about the war. I wish I could remember his exact words, but he basically put an end to the discussion by saying that war was terrible. I got the feeling that it made his uncomfortable. I won't put words in his mouth, so I can only say what I remember and my impression. I remember thinking that he must have had to see and do terrible things to feel that way. I don't know that he would have told you details.
  12. granddaughterdarrington

    granddaughterdarrington Junior Member

    Haha. I just saw that you signed as Jeff in one of your posts. Too ironic that we walked to the Remembrance Day ceremony together today! Looks like you've been very busy researching.
  13. This would be your cuz Jeff LOL
  14. Hey Roddy, I'm still interested in the war diary or daily orders of the 1st hussars. I think the daily orders now looking back are the 21st Army group. They are the one's listed on his war records. There is also a reference on every line of this activity with a "C117" listed on the start of every line. Would you have any idea what this C117 would stand for? Box reference in the Archives or something?
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    Hi - my grandad served with the 1st Hussars from 1942 through the end of the war. (He started with the Grey and Simcoe Foresters.)

    I've received the genealogy packet from the Library and Archives in Ottawa and have been utterly thrilled with the amount of information provided. However,I haven't been able to determine what squadron my grandad was in from the paperwork. Is there something I should be looking for? Or is there another resource that will help me?

    Thanks to anyone who can help me.

  16. dryan67

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    I now have the War Diaries of the 1st Hussars up to May 1942, although this does not cover the period of combat service it may be of some help.

    I also have a more recent regimental history of the 1st Hussars entitled The Gallant Hussars by Michael R. McNorgan. It is accurate up to 2003.

    I also have the following Brigade War Diaries for the brigades that 1st Hussars served under:
    1st Canadian Armoured Brigade 1940-1942
    3rd Canadian Army Tank Brigade Jan-Jun 1943
    2nd Canadian Armoured Brigade Jul-Sep 1943
  17. hi im also looking for information on my grandfather . he was with the first hussars i have vauge information i have been told that he helped liberate holland, and was there with the d day landings also .im told he was in from 1940 till the end in 1945 he survived but has now passed and i have so many questions. i would love to have regiment photos because i have photos of him so i could most likeley pick him out.or any information at all would be awesome his name is Albert George McCalla
  18. dryan67

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    The last name is McCalla not McCallum?
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    My Uncle volunteered and trained with Grey and Simcoe Foresters, then upon conversion served with 6th Armoured Regt 1st Hussars.
    Apparently he was 'on the beach' for D-Day (see below, "Disembarked France" what an understatement!) though I do not know which squadron he was with, yet.

    Have just started out looking into the Regt. history in more depth. The complete original War Diaries for June through August 1944 are available as a PDF here:

    If anyone can direct me/provide URL's or contact info to more detailed information, such as the appendices mentioned in the War Diaries, or more detailed unit diaries/accounts, that would be great.

    I know my Uncle had a 'checkered' service record, so I have no illusions, but he was a brave man to also volunteer for service in the Pacific in June 1945, though he never made it there.

    Thank you for any assistance, and S!

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  20. This is all such good info my grandfather was a member of first hassars and fought from the brach landings till the end of the war I was wondering Der where u found this info and how could I find this reading for All the days of the first hassars battle. Thank you so much for the post

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