Can you read this line? Soldier's Release Book - Trade?

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    Can anyone read the last line of this testimonial? Any attempts appreciated!

    "This N.C.O. has had a wide experience of clerical work in Regimental Orderly Room work, Battery Office work & in Officers Mess accounting. Is keen and reliable at his job, is..."

    Can't work out the last line at all, "is something & something something". Not sure if the last word is possibly 'tact' as I imagine sensitive and confidential information would have passed through his hands in an Orderly Room/Battery Office role.

    Background info: the Regiment was deployed in the First & Second Arakan Campaigns and then went on to North Burma (he was with a battery for the Arakans, then was interposted to RHQ). His rank was Paid Acting Lance Bombardier for most of the war, reverting to Gunner on repatriation.

    Also Service Trade: Would that be N.T. for 'No Trade' or M.T. for 'Mechanised Transport'. He qualified as Driver (Internal Combustion) and mentioned driving a truck along a terrifying mountain road at one point.

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    is trustworthy and possesses tact
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    Ah that's it! Been staring at it for ages trying to work it out, thank you!

    Anyone know about the 'Service Trade' on these booklets? Is that an 'M' for Mechanised Transport? He has 'Driver I/C' on his AF B103-1 in the 'Corps trade and grade qualifications' line but I didn't think that was counted as a 'proper' trade.

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