Can you photograph your local war memorial?

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    Sunday, May 21, 1939

    King George VI unveils the National War Memorial in Ottawa

    The King described the Memorial as symbolizing a great truth: "Without freedom there can be no enduring peace, and without peace no enduring freedom."


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  2. The Cooler King

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    Holy Trinity Church Bickerton, Cheshire

    Holy Trinity 1.jpg

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    Bowland, Lancashire.

    Bowland 5.jpg


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  4. Deacs

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    Updated pictures of Arlecdon (St.Michael) Churchyard Cumbria.

    Didn't see WW2 names first time around now added photos.

    William Briggs. 14 July 1944
    Donald Brown. 2 July 1942
    John Young Charlton. 2 Dec 1941
    William Tyson Gill 30 March 1943
    John Watson Leathes 1 Nov 1944
    Wilfred Ray 18 July 1944
    Robinson Stables 22 Dec 1942
    Anthony Ferguson 20 June 1942.
    Picture11.jpg Picture6.jpg Picture7.jpg Picture8.jpg Picture9.jpg Picture10.jpg
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