Can you photograph your local war memorial? (UK)

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    This is a photo of Coleraine War memorial after an IRA bomb attack on the heart of Coleraine town on 13 November 1992.
    This incident took place five days after the Remembrance Day parade and the wreath laying ceremony.

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    I have a rather good book called For Your Tommorow-British Second World War Memorials by Derek Boorman if you want me to look anything up.

    I'll start carrying a camera with me at work ;)

    Thanks Andy I also have this book; unfortunately it does not list names, which is the main issue when trying to match men to memorials. Thanks also for links to your photos and good idea, I am carrying my camera with me all the time too.

    Could this be a help?


    Hi Levien,
    Nice site, but there were no names /photos on the two Guards Memorials I checked. (which I have already in case anyone is wondering)

    Hi Diane,
    Photos and details of most, if not all, of the Scottish civic monuments plus many church, schools, works memorials are already on-line at:

    Hope this helps.

    Hi Tom,
    Indeed an excellent site - joined their sister site for War graves - and have already been offered photos by some members for use on my site.

    Nick - excellent photo, thank you

    Hello Diane

    Roll of Honour - About us


    Clive another excellent site, but unfortunately the few times I have tried to contact with ref to sending information / war grave photos and using photo on my site, I have received no response.

    I attended a family history fayre a few years ago and came across these people

    North East War Memorials Project - Links

    Peter thank you another good site

    Is it WW2 memorials you want? or WW1 also

    WW2 is my interest, but I am sure that the mods and others here won't mind at all if info about WW1 memorials is posted.

    Here is a link to an amazing little website that includes photographs and MI's for a large number of War Memorials around the North West

    Carl's Cam
    Phil yet another great site, thanks also for the photo and for noting that panels are also available.

    Here is my local war memorial and details of the fallen from WW1 & WW2.

    Robert Exactly what I am looking for, photo list of names AND you took the trouble to look up CWGC as well. Much appreciated.

    Didn't the Imperial War Museum organise a project like this a few years back? I supplied them with images of the Greenford war memorial and a transcript of the names on it.


    Thanks Lee, I think someone posted about this on here too. A great find, but photos are their copyright?

    War memorial in the Diamond L'derry - on a wet Thursday afternoon , all WW1 named , wonder where the WW2 dead are named ?

    James wonder indeed, great photos of - as you say - an impressive monument.

    Owen thank you again for your links.

    Ronnie thanks for that photo - another sad chapter in our history. Do you have a photo of the one at Ballymoney by any chance? I know Gerry would be very interested in a copy.


    In response to the varying answers I have received, I feel I have probably confused you all by not explaining correctly.

    I am interested in photos of memorials with names - WW2 names. This would be in connection with my own research into Foot Guards. I would like to have permission to use said photos on my site if appropriate - and as always I will give credit where it is due.

    Also, I thought it would be a rather nice ongoing project here on the forum, esp in light of the 70th Anniversary of the start of WW2. There are quite a few of us who would be happy to add any relevant background that we have access to.

    If anyone has the time to photograph their local memorial, and the panels or at least list the names, I'd appreciate it and I am sure others - especially those researching family members - would too.

    I am aware that many here are busy busy people so checking CWGC records would not be essential. However, as I have noticed when posting my own photos etc, a little local knowledge goes a long way when trying to work out just exactly who is named on a memorial.

    Just for the record, there are 2 excellent sites covering war memorials on this side of the water ...
    one is already on the forum 'recommended list' and is run by a member
    Irish War Memorials
    the other covers Ulster
    War Memorials in Ulster

    Much obliged for all contributions thus far.
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    Now I know what you mean. I thought local memorials in general.

    In Holland it is not usual to have a statue in centre of the village square or in front of the church a is in France. So I'm afraid there won't be too much responses from my little country.

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    Can I suggest if you post pictures of your local memorial you add the location in the post title and if you have time (Perhaps as a little project?) you look for the chaps on the Commonwealth War Graves Comission website?

    If we do that (And I will do it to the ones I posted) anyone doing a google search for a person listed will be able to find a picture of the war memorial where they are remembered?

    A perfect example of this is Rob's with all the men Hyperlinked in Post No.16.

    Just a thought :)
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    I will get some more of the local area, close ups included.


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    This is Bill Balmer when he was fitter. I will get some close ups soon.

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    Thanks very much for those, greatly appreciated; have sent Gerry a PM with link to here.
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    Coleraine War Memorial names for The Great War and WWII.


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    This is my local war memorial in Chartham, Kent.

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    The names from WW2:

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    Thank you very much Paul
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    Many thanks, that's quite a site you have. Appreciate you drawing my attention to it.

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    Doug, thats a great site you have! nice work on the Arnhem pics you took and the Burma star memorial, my Dad was in the 14th Army so thats nice to see they are not entirely forgotten.Regards, Jason
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    Diane and Jason
    Thank you both for your kind comments, they are appreciated.

    Regards Doug.
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    This is RAF Fiskerton taken today.

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