Can someone identify this aircraft part?

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  1. Darren Rose

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    Hopefully this is the best forum to post this question in

    Can someone possibly identify what this plane part is?

    I believe (if the information given to me with it is correct) that it may be from a Wellington bomber


  2. CL1

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    Hello Darren
    who told you it was from a Wellington bomber and what information were you given
    im sure some forum anorak will be along shortly to help but in the meantime

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  3. Darren Rose

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    It was passed down from a grand dad to his grand daughter (my partner), it was from a plane which crashed in his home village - I think I have all the information about the crash, just want to confirm it is from a wellington and work out what it is?
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  4. CL1

    CL1 116th LAA and 92nd (Loyals) LAA,Royal Artillery Patron

    any details on the crash?
  5. Darren Rose

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    We think possibly this is the crash - Wellington BK440 Crash - Hindolveston - my partners Dad had researched in to it but passed away last year, and we have created the website in his honour and added all his research he did to it
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  6. RAFCommands

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    Yes it's Wellington.

    Most aircraft parts were stamped with a number made up of the Type number used by the manufacturer and then the drawing number.

    In this case the part number starts 285 - Type 285 was Wellington MkI.

    scroll to the bottom of the Wikipedia page
    Vickers Wellington - Wikipedia

    This does not mean that it is only from a MkI, the same part could be used in later Wellington Marks without modification so the original drawing would be used for the part and it marked up as normal.

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  7. Harry Ree

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    I think that the Moreton in the Marsh Wellington Museum would be able to help.

    They have a superb museum dedicated primary to the Wellington and have many exhibits of gear from the type.

    RAF Moreton in the Marsh was the home of No 21 OTU equipped with the same Wellington Marks.......Marks 111 and X.

    Wellington Aviation

    I have RAF Wing as No 28 OTU and not No 26 OTU.

    Wing was an option for the 3rd London Airport in the early 1970s which in the end Stansted was selected.
  8. Darren Rose

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    Thank you for you replies

    Tried emailing the Wellington Museum but email comes back as undeliverable unfortunately
  9. Darren Rose

    Darren Rose Member

    Does anyone know of existence of a parts list or similar, so I can try and work out where on plane this part comes from - would love to know exactly what it is / was

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