Can anyone Then & Now this Arnhem 1945 photo?

Discussion in 'WW2 Battlefields Today' started by Owen, Apr 5, 2012.

  1. Owen

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    Whilst looking at Churchill AVRE photos on IWM site I saw this & thought it's such a distictive building that someone must be able to Then & Now it.

    Catalogue number BU 3410
    Churchill AVRE in Arnhem, 13 April 1945.

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    Its spam and reported ;)
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    Hello Owen.

    Not really a "Then & Now" but it's the best I could do I'm afraid. If I'm right, the circle is approximately where the tank is in the original photo.

    All the best...............:)

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    I found this image on a Google search but its not that good to do an overlap and get a good quality image.
    Image was on

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  9. ronald

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    The railway is still there as seen on the last picture, i am not sure if it is
    in use anymore.

  10. Wills

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    Using the same crossing point - very likely down to topography and road access. When crossing any obstacle there are many considerations, I will list the main, can I get a holding advance to gain a jumping off point, can I protect my flanks and the crossing party, is the crossing point as short as possible, can I remount the bank opposite easily and expand a defence once over to protect the main crossing party and supplies. In a TEWT give ten students a map of the area and most if not all will pick the same point. Historical knowledge can help - the first commander crossed there using the same thought process you are using.
  11. Wills

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    Superb film , would like to see the initial advance.

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