Can anyone identify this type of truck & Car

Discussion in 'Royal Engineers' started by Nigel Simpson, Jan 12, 2023.

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    Thanks in advance. The 176 Workshop and Park Company on tour. Lt. Jack Atkinson on the right in both cases. WW2 album dps 02.jpeg Jack Atkinson Flak Kaserne Barracks.jpeg
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    A few here. Photo from my collection.
    wot park kb (2022_11_06 17_31_47 UTC).jpg
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    Found that car , same number plate on another site saying it's a 315, sorry , you were right.

    BMW 315 1934 - 1937 Sedan 2 door :: OUTSTANDING CARS

    BMW 315 1934 - 1937 Sedan 2 door exterior #3
  8. Uncle Target

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    I thought that this looked like a BMW being driven by Capt Ruston with Capt Roberts, returning from Cap Bon Tunisia after the German evacuation in 1943.
    The men of 67th Field Regt saw this as a payback for their time at Dunkirk as did many of 1st Infantry Division and those who experienced it.
    The 8th and 1st Armies were paraded on the high ground overlooking Cap Bon to view the scene of the Afrika Corps evacuation.

    "Our advance was much too rapid for any complete destruction of equipment by the enemy
    and so one see’s huge dumps of material and literally thousands of enemy vehicles,
    most popular of which is the Jerry Volkswagen with which equivalent of our Austin 7.
    His officers must have been very well supplied.
    However things are getting very organised now and all enemy transport has been called in, so the roads don’t present such a motley appearance."

    Photo courtesy Shepherd Family Collection

    Capt Ruston &  Roberts in captured car Cap Bon.jpg
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    That looks like a later BMW Uncle Target, possibly a 319. Frazer- Nash were bringing them into the UK prior to the war and I can understand why soldiers coming across them would hang on to them.

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    Many thanks for all the assistance.

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