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    Hello everybody,

    I'm currently looking into my great-grandfather's military records on Ancestry. We were aware of him being in the Royal Navy, but nothing more. He appears on several Navy Lists which I believe place him in the RNVR. However, in some of the later Lists, he has these two symbols next to his name. The symbol on the left is identified at the bottom of the page, however the right hand symbol (an astericks in a circle?) is not mentioned anywhere. Does anybody know what this signifies?


    Also, as a general enquiry, what did the RNVR do during the war? and what the role of the Paymaster Sub-Lieutenant involved, or was it simply that he worked in the 'accounts' department of a ship, for example? I have only been able to find limited information so far and I'd love to know what he was up to!

    Thanks in advance for any help :)
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    What year was it


    No matter - if you find the right page in the Navy Lists Book it tells you

    William Henry Howells 1942

    William Henry Howells 1944

    William Henry Howells 1946
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    Jack - welcome to the forum. I can't help you a lot, just to say that my Dad was also a sub Lieutenant in the RNVR and was involved in active service in the Atlantic,the Italian campaign and D-Day.
    Because he was over 30 when the war started he wasn't conscripted. He worked below decks in communications.
    I'm just guessing now, but perhaps these volunteers were assessed as to their capabilities and allocated to a suitable job. Dad was certainly gifted in his type of job.
    Perhaps your great grandfather had been involved in that kind of work in civilian life?
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    I completely missed that page, thank you!
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    That would be my guess too, I'll have to start asking around the family for any information about what jobs he held in civilian life. Thank you! :)

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