Can anyone decipher this record? [US Army]

Discussion in 'General' started by Bootaholics, Oct 8, 2010.

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    This is a transcription of a US service record from WW2. I am struggling to know what it all means, if anyone can help please let me know. Thanks, Anita.

    Assigned to company Station Date
    Dop 4105 USA H... APO 72 7 sept 44
    BTRYA915thFABN APO 90 c/o pm NY NY 30/11/44
    HQ BTRY 410 FA GP APO # 403 5/7/45
    HQ BTRY 255 FA BN APO # 403 13/9/45

    I am trying to establish if any of this info relates to UK locations.
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    thanks for your help, Anita.
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    BTRYA915thFABN = Battery 'A' 915th Field Artillery Battalion
    HQ BTRY 410 FA GP= Headquarters Battery 410 Field Artillery Group
    HQ BTRY 255 FA BN = Headquarters Battery 255 Field Artilley Battalion
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    You have several comments about this from me at WW2F, Boot.

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