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    Hi there

    For those of you that do not know me or have come across me my name is Martin Richards and I am disabled military veteran – i.e ex RAF with a bust up back.

    I had to take early retirement a few years ago and since then I have been a mature student studing Photography purely because I want to.

    Most of my work is Landscape based plus the odd aircraft or three…

    Any way I am currently doing an MA with the University of Falmouth.

    As a main part of my MA I have undertaken a large project that is going to last longer than the MA its self and that is to find and photograph the sites of the former PoW Camps as they exist today.

    I have been at this for a year now and my work in progress images as well as my basic notes are on-line.

    The photos are organised as North, Middle, South of England as well as Scotland and Wales and then by County.

    Not all of my trips to sites have been successful so please cross check my notes as to if the photos are of the Camp, close to the camp or are just of the local area.

    The project is called "Banged Up Aboard",,,,
    The photos at present, good and bad can be found on my own website:
    Banged Up Abroad

    More details as to what I am up to is all logged using wordpress at:

    The best place to look is on Subjects and Final Major Project​

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