Camp Shanks, New York

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    Camp Shanks was the largest embarkation camp in the US. It was about 15 miles NW of New York City near my hometown.

    Camp Shanks - Wikipedia

    Saw this article today:

    NY Times Nov 20, 1944

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    I believe these are the only three buildings left from Camp Shanks. One is a museum and two are used by the town government. The museum had been around since the early nineties but I've never seen it open. They did have a Sherman out front for the first couple of years but it isn't there anymore.







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    Dave55 Atlanta, USA

    Here is the monument in Piermont near the pier in the Hudson River.

    He has ammo, gernades and Corcoran jump boots but no weapon. That would not be politically correct.



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  6. Dave55

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    Here is the pier where the troopships loaded. Pictures are from about ten years ago.


    Looking south toward New York Harbor and the Atlantic. New York City skyscrapers barely visible


    Looking north. River is three miles wide at this point. Henry Hudson thought he had discovered an inland sea when he first saw it and named this spot the Tappan Zee.

    Tappan Zee Bridge is visible. West Point is about 20 miles upriver from here.


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  7. Dave55

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    Camp Shanks Thanksgiving 1944


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    You're originally from Orange County? I grew up in the city, spent some summers in the Catskills, and went to college in the Hudson Valley.
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    No, I'm from Rockland county, the one just south of Orange. It is the last county before the New Jersey border. It was part of Orange county until the early 1700s. The part that I'm from is still called Orangetown

    Rockland County, New York - Wikipedia
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    Yeah, I know Rockland, but not Orangetown. The Orangetown reference about Camp Shanks threw me into the wrong county. It's a nice area. I was writing about Snedens Landing not ago.
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  11. Dave55

    Dave55 Atlanta, USA

    My aunt and uncle lived here for a couple of years

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