Camp List From UK FO and Up-Date to my own Work In Progress Notes

Discussion in 'UK PoW Camps' started by Martin Richards, Oct 26, 2019.

  1. Martin Richards

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    I photographed the FO list held by National Arch's a copy of it along with the F/O Reeports on Scaptoft and Billestone can be found on my website:

    UK Foreign Office

    I have also up-issued my pdf research notes and as agreed with Peter Wood - the Lat Long's are NOT on the list.
    it is sorted by area and contains links to current images of the sites visited
    IT IS WORK IN PROGRESS the stuff is colour coded as in a case i have got to the area and not found - Red
    Ambre if close and and only English Heritage Data
    Green if I have confirmed the location some of which Peter has confirmed and some of which i have confirmed by other means etc...

    if you are a serious researcher then i will pass on the locations on request - UNLESS i have had to make an agreement with some one to keep the exact location confidentail in which case i will point you to the person so you can ask your self
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  2. Martin Richards

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    Just again to restate a very important point about my own project.
    I am ex-Force and no longer being able to work I have been woking on a number pf Photography Landscape and Documentary Projects.
    This research is part of an MA in Photographer that is looking for traces and changes in the landscape relating to the camps.
    I am working in the Present looking for Evidance of the Past and the way the landscape has changed.
    This is VERY different from most of the History Based Research that most people are undertakeing.
    The Images on the website are to a large extent uncatalgued and you need to check the notes to see if they are of the local area or of the camp
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    CL1 116th LAA and 92nd (Loyals) LAA,Royal Artillery

    Well done Martin and thank you very much for sharing it is greatly appreciated.

  4. Martin Richards

    Martin Richards Active Member

    Also coming at this from a different point of view has to add some thing to this field of reaseach - as if evey looks with the same eyes at the subject things get missed.
    ideally my own work in looking at whats there now will help others that are looking from the past to the futhure with their work.
    likewise i have help from others on here and else where as i am sure we all have.
    if there is a site that are specifically interested in that i have already visited as ii can normally add more than is in my notes.
    likesie if there is a site you have located that ii have not been too yet and you are looking for modern images then please let me know.
    i am using a mix of conventual photography along with using a drone subject to restriction on flying the things and the weather.

    P.S I worked with the RA when i was on Chinooks and in more recent years when i was on the design team for the Watchkeeper UAV as they are flown by the RA
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  5. CL1

    CL1 116th LAA and 92nd (Loyals) LAA,Royal Artillery

    Yes I like the idea of "whats there now" now having trawled around certain ares of the the UK myself looking for any building or structure WW2 related which still exists.

    keep up the good work

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