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    I have been taking multiple visits to camp 4 Scraptoft as it is the 2nd closet camp to my self and where my research started.

    After 12 months I can honestly say that is the best-preserved site of its type in the country.

    That is to say all but about 3 bases have been cleared - these are under tree cover and cannot be seen.

    What can be seen though in great detail using a drone and to a limited extent in Google Map views is the outlines of the building.

    There are NO OTHER SITES that I have visited that show the layout of a camp like this place and I have now visited close to 200 sites

    Regrettably planning permission has been granted to cover this field with houses
    Photo 2019 10 7916.jpg

    Photo 2019 10 7931.jpg

    Photo 2019 10 7934.jpg

    Photo 2019 10 7987.jpg

    Photo 2019 10 7941 PAN.jpg
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