Camp 193 Hampton Park

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    This camp is listed in Roger Thomas' POW Camp list published by English Heritage.

    Prisoner of War Camps (1939 - 1948) | Historic England

    There is no grid reference, and it is coded 5 - camp unresolved.

    Like Malcolm Sanders, Camp List – WW2 P.O.W. Camps in the UK, (great site includes years of work) I can only find the same reference on line to this camp from one prisoner who said it was near London:

    BBC - WW2 People's War - German PoW pal who found me 50 years later

    Now, this prisoner arrived in March 1945. Trouble is with this identification, that Camp 193 was then, verifiably in TNA HO215/201, Madeley Tile Works Camp Shropshire. I believe currently that Madeley was the first camp with number 193, and the prisoner was mistaken.

    Does anyone have any information on Hampton Park camp near London at all?

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