Camp 131 - Uplands House Camp, Diss, Norfolk

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    This proved a difficult one for me. English Heritage was unsure where the location was, and I had to consult many maps and speak to a lot of local people to work out the story.

    Originally called 'The Uplands', this was a large Victorian house, attached to Walcot Hall, on Walcot Green, Diss.

    The Uplands had originally been requisitioned by the army, as a training camp. It is shown as a location on the Desert Rats website - see

    In the grounds, of The Uplands, a PoW camp was laid out. Careful study of an aerial photo (dated 1945), shows the camp was already being dismantled. The huts followed the hedge line of the grounds.

    The International Red Cross List shows this was an Italian PoW Camp in 1944. The address list does not show this camp as active in 1943.

    The German PoW list also lists Camp 131, so it is safe to assume that the camp was also used by German Prisoners of War. What is not clear is when.

    Hopefully, in the future, PoW Mail collectors will post up dated letters and postcards which will unravel the puzzle.

    I have been able to accurately map this camp, at least.

    Lat/Long: 52°22'47.88"N 1° 6'50.75"E

    If you have any information on this camp, please add....... Camp 131 Uplands Camp Mod.jpg
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    Today, the remains of the camp is on the grounds of Diss High School Camp 131 Uplands Camp today.jpg

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