Camp 120 - Sunlaws Camp, Kelso, Roxburghshire

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    This was a PoW camp, for both German and Italian prisoners of war (though not at the same time).

    The prisoners were housed inside Sunlaws, a large mansion house. It is now the Roxburghe Hotel.

    Lat/Long: 55°33'31.04"N 2°28'10.73"W

    See Ex-PoW visits wartime captivity site

    This was quite unusual, for Ordinary Rank prisoners, in my experience.

    The Italian PoWs were the first to be housed, there. The hostels associated with this camp were:

    1 Greenlaw
    2. Lauder
    3. Earlston
    4. Duns
    5. Sweethope
    6. Chirnside
    7. Reston
    8. Greenriggs
    9. The Hirsel
    10. Melrose
    11. Selkirk
    12. Sligh Houses

    I have no information on these hostels and would love to hear from anyone who does....

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