Cameron Highlander, Tobruk. POW PG10/PG68/PG55 1942/3

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    I would suggest if he died in captivity it would be recorded and that CWGC would have the details, the other route sometimes found is that after the war some service took up the offer to emigrate to start a new life


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    I would think with the limited info on Forsyth I have seen in this thread finding further details about his death would be difficult -- do you have his date of birth, full forenames, place of birth etc etc ????
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    J T
    Last name Forsyth
    Year 1945
    Service number 2932248
    Rank Private
    Rank as transcribed Pte
    Regiment Queen's Own Cameron Highlanders
    Regiment as transcribed The Queen's Own Cameron Highlanders
    Archive reference WO 417/96
    PIece description Casualty Lists - Other Ranks 1834 - 1853.
    Screen Shot 2017-10-16 at 18.22.23.png
    Screen Shot 2017-10-16 at 18.22.48.png
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  4. Does 'casualty' include injured or does that imply deceased?
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    War Office casualty lists included killed, wounded, missing and prisoner of war. These lists were ammended as new information was received.
  6. First name Jock. Born and raised in Duntocher, Dumbartonshire, Scotland. That's all I have.
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    Good to see such progress for you Alistair.:)
  8. Attached Files:

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  9. Thanks Trevor, I've been on this site, registered, but i can't see how to access the individual dossiers online, it just invites me to add a file then order it for loan in a container... which seems like rather a 'bulk buy'! How do you get the images/files online??
  10. Maybe there are members of this site who could get involved with this and are lets say in respect to myself have greater knowledge as I have the same problem.however I will contact the Swiss Archives
    I have since 2008 been working on a particular work camp PG62/51 Plemo in the Val Camonica and now an associated group of camps in the valley spanning no more than 6 km greatly aided by the late Brian Sims and other members of this site, so when I approached the Bern archives for help on my father Corporal Joseph Smallman at first by letter they were very helpful which may have been aided by the fact that I worked for a Swiss company in the UK prior to me retiring.
    Knowing the Swiss who are a most methodical nation from my contacts with my work colleges,who manufactured first class electrical equipment it came as no surprise when the documents arrived which are attached with the data held being based upon the copy of the log which was sent which is in alphabetical order,
    My interpretation is as like Kew they have many facets of records to log electronically for posterity so a generic system for the archives would have to be developed for all
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  11. That's fascinating. I'll write them a letter amd email, see what they can offer.
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    BAPTIST Robert Pte. 4455336 8th Battalion Durham Light Infantry
    Born : 1920
    Died : 1958 Gateshead
    Wounded in action France 1940
    Screen Shot 2017-10-18 at 08.51.25.png
    Newcastle Evening Chronicle 8th June 1940

    Screen Shot 2017-10-18 at 08.48.34.png
    Newcastle Evening Chronicle 4th November 1943

    Screen Shot 2017-10-18 at 08.54.47.png
    Newcastle Evening Chronicle 28th October 1944
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  13. thats fantastic guy, thanks. really appreciate it. I have been trying to find J.T. Forsythe of duntocher post-war, someone fo that name is on a departure list to new york, I dont have it to hand, but i think it was 1946 or 1950. The only other J.T forsyth I can find is in Australia. So perhaps he did emigrate.
    Currently waiting for MoD and MI9 reports for Wilson and Baptist, whilst seeing if i can find trace of any extended family of Baptist. Don't seem to be many with that name (without an e at the end) outside of NOrthumberland.
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    I couldn't find J.T. Forsyth birth or death record on Scotland's people. It may be worth checking if he completed a liberation questionnaire?
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    Can I ask - is this mans surname spelt

    Forsyth OR Forsythe

    it makes a big difference when searching and in some posts it is spelt both ways adding perhaps more confusion

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    Casualty list FORSYTH
    Screen Shot 2017-10-18 at 11.12.29.png
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  17. Yes, that;s the chap. I'd seen he was on the casualty list, at that time he was in Stalag IV-F. I can find no record of a liberation report (through findmypast), nor evidence of a 'back in uk' record such as that which i've found for baptist and wilson.
    I don;t have it on this computer, but I have found an embarkation to NYC list with a JT Forsyth (no E) on a few years post war, from LIverpool. I know his first name was 'Jock', though this may be an abbreviation/nickname. He was from Duntocher, where he lived with his parents, who were friends of Wilson's parents. I know he had malaria whilst in PG70 in early 1943.
  18. Dad was in Fermo the same time as your grandfather according to the date on the letter you posted

    PG 70 Fermo 16.11.42 till 30.04.43
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